Design Usage & Ambience: The reflection pools are a great way to add water element to any space and defined shape. The reflection pools are soft and still water. We can also create a bit of noise by adding different water effect jets. These are commonly used in outdoor landscape areas; along the pool, outdoor dining table tops, indoor lobbies, sales centres. condos and restaurants.

Styles and sizes: These reflection pools can be in contained shapes or can overflow into another water bodies at different elevations. These can be of different shapes and sizes. The reflection pool and fire feature can be combined to create a water and fire effect to the area.

Water Panel Material: The reflection pool is of water tight stainless steel container which can be cladded with other materials. Below is the list of some commonly used materials:
o Stainless Steel – brushed or polished finish
o Slate veneer sheets
o Natural stone cladding
o Tile cladding

Installation: These are floor mounted features.

Upgrade Options Available:
o Fire feature
o Up lighting
o Downlighting
o Automatic water filler
o Reverse osmosis system