Design Usage & Ambience: A rain curtain water feature has the water gently dripping like natural rain. This effect is created by using thin Mylar strands suspended from the top header. The rain curtain adds a soothing water ambience to the space. These rain curtain features are cost effective compared to other water features style. These curtains have a lot of flexibility on design. These are used in office lobbies, reception and along the pool side.

Styles and sizes: These rain curtains are commonly used for tall spaces and multistoried lobbies. It is available in any shapes and sizes.

Water Panel Material: There are several materials that can be used for the rain curtain background. Below is the list of some commonly used materials:
o Frosted glass
o Stainless Steel – brushed or polished finish
o Slate veneer sheets
o Natural stone cladding
o Tile cladding

Installation: These can be freestanding in the middle of the space, used as partition or against a backdrop.

Upgrade Options Available:
o Custom Company Logo
o Up lighting
o Downlighting
o Automatic water filler
o Reverse osmosis system