Design Usage & Ambience: The pre-fab stainless steel pools are a wonderful way to add water element to any small & large space. The stainless steel looks aesthetically beautiful and makes the vessel very durable. The stainless-steel pools are much lighter than concrete pools. These pools are ideal for on grade, above grade, existing structures, renovation projects. The units are easy to clean and minimal maintenance.

Styles and sizes: The prefab stainless steel pools are custom made for the size required by code and suitable for the space. The pool can be skimmer design and overflowing pool on one side, overflowing on all sides, infinity edge. The units come pre-fab watertight vessels, pre-plumbed with stub outs for local connections saving time and labour cost.

Pool Material: The pool is water tight stainless steel container which can be cladded with other materials. Below is the list of some commonly used materials:
o Stainless Steel – brushed finish
o Tile trim
o All tile cladding

Installation: These are floor mounted vessels.

Upgrade Options Available:
o LED Linear lighting
o Glow tiles
o Infinity design
o Overflowing gutter
o Customized remote control